Now offering Normoxic Trimix and O2ptima Rebreather Certifications

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    Jim DiDonato

    O2ptima Rebreather Certification:
    O2ptima rebreathers by Dive Rite provide divers the option to use a prepacked CO2 scrubber canister, unlike other rebreathers that require manually packing the canister. This feature provides for a much cleaner and quicker setup and safer dive because the prepacked canister has been manufactured to reduced the chance of a toxic cocktail. More information on the O2ptima can be found on Dive Rite’s site at

    Normoxic Trimix Class:
    The Normoxic Trimix certification allows divers to reach depths of 200 feet. This class is appropriate for those who are looking to expand their diving range and skillset beyond Tech 50 and not yet ready to move to a rebreather. During this class you will enter the world of using Helium to reduce deco time.

    Project SCUBA is planning to dive the Oriskinay, which reaches 230 feet at the sand, so both of these classes are highly recommended if you’d like to get the most out of this dive.

    Both classes are taught in northern Illinois, meaning you can get your certification over a couple of weekends without traveling too far from home.

    Contact instructor, Tom Atkins at for details.

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